A not so woke card game


Based on the endless insanity that is cancel culture, found on social media, FlAmE WaRs provides a witty and fun take on the plight of modern politics. Better yet, FlAmE WaRs pokes fun at both sides of the political aisle making it a game everyone can enjoy, save for radical ideologues.

Reaction cards help you earn points against your opponents. First one to 500 wins! These reaction cards include Bleats, Likes, Clowns, Crowns, and Claps. 

Action cards help you take down your opponents! Use them wisely to take you from last to first! These action cards include the Conspiracy Theory card, the Doxing card, the Everything Is Racist card, the Grifter card, the Guess card, the Light Ban card, the Triggered card, the Report card, the White Male card, the Bend The Knee card, the Leftist card, and the MAGA card! 

But wait there's more! Profile cards are chosen at the start of each game. Guess another players profile correctly and earn 250 points! Guess incorrectly more than 3 times and you are banned from the game! 

Banned from social media? Why not get banned from a card game too!


FlAmE WaRs


Not Included

Flame Wars requires 2 dice, but they are not included with purchase. We recommended using dice from another game or virtual dice.

Back Us Up!

Flame Wars is significantly cheaper to produce in bulk. That's why we've decided to turn it into a crowdfunding campaign! A donation of $35 to our campaign covers the cost of production and shipping! Once we reach our goal of 100 backers, you will receive your copy within a few weeks. If we do not reach our goal, you will receive your money back! Let's make it happen and have some fun! 


Deadline: 10/01/2021

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Backer Goal: 100