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Jack's Platform
Political campaign

As a candidate, my campaign has always focused on finding common ground, representing both sides, and finding the best fit solutions to each party's concerns. Tribalism is doomed to fail, but by taking the best ideas from both sides we can succeed together. 

Ending The War On Drugs
Jack Achenbach supports ending the war on drugs. Addiction is a serious issue, but not one that should end with incarceration. Rather rehabilitation for non-violent offenders should be the goal for those unfortunate to have lost control. Jack Achenbach supports legalizing recreational drugs with a few caveats. Recreational drugs must be regulated, held to strict safety standards, sold from a licensed retailer, and produced by regulated manufacturers. Furthermore, retailers must be required to offer 'weaning' services for individuals who wish to discontinue drug use. Additionally, a marginal percentage of a retailer and manufacturers revenue must go towards funding rehabilitation services and research and development into addiction-based interventions. Additionally, public intoxication and driving under the influence will not be tolerated. Lastly, the sale of drugs will be prohibited to persons under the age of 21, as this is indicated to be the final stages of brain development.

Student Loan Reform

Jack Achenbach supports cutting student loan interest rates to assist college students in repaying their student loans. He also supports lowering the student loan cap to prevent colleges from arbitrarily increasing the price of tuition in an attempt to take advantage of the student loan system. Additionally, colleges and universities that receive federal student loan aid will be prevented from spending it on items not directly related to the student's educational needs. Jack Achenbach supports the construction of an oversight investigation team within FAFSA to annually investigate that schools are properly using federal student aid and are not charging students for unnecessary items not conducive to education. 

Student Loan Interest Reallocation 

In addition to Jack's student loan reform plan, Jack proposes to reallocate prior interest payments to pay down a graduate's student loan principal. Essentially, students would not be receiving a reimbursement, but rather the money that was already spent paying down predatory interest rates would be deducted from the principal instead. In this manner, the taxpayer is not held responsible for debt that is not their own, while graduates burdened by massive student loans can see their debt significantly improved. This would have to occur in conjunction with lowering interest rates, or moving the interest rates, lest the problem be allowed to continue.

Covid-19 Relief 

American's that were left out of the job as a result of government intervention during the Covid-19 pandemic were never properly compensated for their sacrifice. Despite the gracious stimulus checks and state and federal unemployment benefits, these benefits did not rectify the financial impact for American's that annually made above the amount provided on unemployment. Jack Achenbach fully supports compensating American's that were forced out of their jobs from the actions taken by their government. American's that lost their jobs specifically due to Covid-19 restrictions should be compensated the remainder of their annual income minus previous relief benefits. 

Prohibiting Rider Legislation & Layman's Laws 
All Americans can agree that rider legislation is damaging to our political system. It is politically manipulative, abusive to Americans in need, and usurps process. For example, Covid-19 relief was repeatedly held up in Congress over attempts to shoehorn in unaffiliated policy changes(21). As such, Jack Achenbach supports prohibiting rider legislation and ensuring that Congress votes on single policy items. The left and right can both agree that a Congress who seeks to hide legislation, whether from other Congressmen or the public, does not exemplify the openness and honesty Americans deserve.   


Further, repairing our political discourse begins with the adoption of transparent processes to provide clarity amongst the general public. It is, after all, much easier to have honest discussions over policies Americans can fully comprehend. As such, Jack Achenbach also supports capping the page-length of legislation. Not only would Americans be more apt to read and comprehend shorter legislation, but so would our Congress. After all, Congress far too often openly admits their failing to read the laws they vote for. 


Jack Achenbach also supports the accompaniment of a Layman Copy to each piece of legislation that clearly summarizes and clarifies the main points for everyday Americans. These moves will allow the average American to better understand the laws under which they live, and better engage in honest political discourse. 

Recycling Program Deductions

Jack Achenbach supports providing tax deductions to companies and rental apartment buildings that institute recycling programs. Deductions could incentivize increased cooperation and help companies offset the cost of initiating and maintaining the primary step in the recycling process. Deductions could be issued as a flat rate and titrate dependent upon a company's annual tonnage. 

Investment Into Alternative Energies ​

Jack Achenbach supports investment into thorium reactors as part of the 'green energy' push. Thorium reactors are more safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly compared to contemporary nuclear power plants(2). Additionally, thorium reactors can produce cheaper energy compared to nuclear energy, thereby providing another cost-effective green alternative to contribute to a diverse energy portfolio. Federal subsidies for renewable energies have dramatically reduced the costs of wind and solar, thusly subsidizing a new generation of nuclear reactors (thorium) can bring about commercial success and cost decreases. The future of nuclear energy is an important investment as currently 55 nuclear reactors provide 19.7%(5) of all U.S energy compared with 67,000 wind turbines(4) that provide 8.4%(5) of all U.S. energy. For skeptics, nuclear energy has been proven safe with over 445 reactors(6) operating safely worldwide (not including nuclear submarines) with 3 major accidents in 60 years. Additionally, the generated waste materials is estimated to fill no more than a single football field(3). Overall, the U.S. should aim for a diverse green energy portfolio that allows for energy independence and stability in the face of rising geopolitical threats. 

Investment Into Energy Efficiency

Jack Achenbach supports investment into the further research and develop of energy storage technologies necessary to fully realize the potential of wind and solar energy farms. With wind energy having capacity factor of 33%(1)  and solar energy having a capacity factor of 25%(1), developing efficient, small scale, and transportable energy storage units are necessary for capturing energy when it is being generated but not being used. Energy capture is an important factor in the stride to create a sustainable energy grid. 

Immigration Reform

Jack Achenbach recognizes the economic and innovative benefit that immigration provides to the United States. Therefore, he supports an immigration system that benefits both the country, its citizens, and its incoming immigrants. Jack Achenbach supports a successful immigration system, likened to that of Canada, which matches an employer with a skilled worker prior to immigration. Such a system would thereby bring in an immigrant that will provide a net benefit to the country while the hiring company aids in providing a job, destination, safe travel, and relocation assistance to the immigrant and their family.


Jack Achenbach supports establishing guidelines to grant amnesty to undocumented immigrants. As of 2020, there were an estimated 10.5 million undocumented immigrants living in the United States with 7.6 million in the labor force(16). The number of undocumented immigrants that pay federal, state, and local taxes, is ill-defined and thus detrimental to the U.S. fiscal budget. For instance, very liberal estimates incorrectly suggest that 4.4 million undocumented immigrants pay taxes based on the number of ITIN numbers used to file each year(18). On the other hand, conservative estimates can range to less than 1.0 million filers per year(19). Regardless, even the most liberal estimate indicates a significant loss in annual tax revenue, and more so when examined in relation to the cost of social services utilized by undocumented immigrants.


As such, Jack Achenbach supports providing a one-year grace period for undocumented immigrants to obtain a permanent resident card (which comes with a social security number). By obtaining legal status in the U.S., undocumented immigrants can benefit from worker protection laws and fair wages while denying corporations from taking advantage of their vulnerable status. Likewise, granting legal status will improve competition for U.S. workers and boost wages when corporations can no longer pay below fair market value(17)


The acquisition of the permanent resident card will follow the already established federal guidelines that approve or deny legal residency based on qualifying criteria, such as criminal activity or fraud(20). Those who are denied residency or surpass the grace period will be subject to deportation. However, due to the incentive for mass illegal immigration provided during this grace period, Jack Achenbach will only support this legislation once the southern border is secured and programs that incentivize illegal crossing are repealed.


At the same time, Jack Achenbach supports the Biden administration's push to increase the number of asylum centers in Latin American countries to improve access to those in need. Likewise, Jack Achenbach supports continuing our work with our southern allies to improve conditions as a means for a long-term solution to our immigration crisis.

Voting Integrity

Jack Achenbach supports removing candidates' party affiliation from the ballot, thereby encouraging voters to research politicians before mindlessly voting Democrat or Republican. Casting a vote should be done with the voter's full understanding of who and what policies they are voting for. Our elections must have integrity and it starts with all of us.

Reducing Voting Barriers

Jack supports the elimination of costs associated with obtaining the vital documentation necessary for voting. This includes the cost associated with obtaining replacement birth certificates, the fundamental document for obtaining other forms of ID. Additionally, all states should have the option to allow voters to vote using a birth certificate, social security number, and two forms to prove residency (after all, all four items are required to obtain a valid state ID). Additionally, if an individual wishes to obtain a State ID (in which you can use to vote), the cost should be waived, but the state may still charge a fee for vehicle licenses and other forms of ID. However, if an ID is used to vote, it should be required to have a photo to clear it of potential theft. Additionally, we should allocate resources to open additional DMV sites in areas where current locations may be out of reach. Not only would this satisfy the second argument but would hopefully help to eliminate those horrendous DMV wait times all of us have experienced. 

Voting Security: Post-Voting Confirmation
Jack supports a post-voting confirmation system to ensure ballots are cast by the legitimate voter and to ensure that votes have been counted. A confirmation letter shall be mailed to each voter's registered residency to indicate the place of residency was used to vote. The confirmation of vote would alert individuals had they not voted and would provide instructions on how to report the error. Additionally, the confirmation of vote would provide instructions to download a ‘voting receipt’ to ensure their vote was counted and recorded accurately. In order to download, voters would provide their proof of identification and residency into a secure database. 

Campaign Finance Reform

Jack Achenbach supports legislation that removes money from politics to allow for more representation on the ballot. Jack Achenbach supports capping net political campaign contributions to $10,000 for U.S. House Representatives and $100,000 for U.S. Senators. Limiting the total funding a campaign can raise ensures that no candidate be put at a significant advantage over another based purely on their ability to afford the services of marketing companies who support candidates for profit, rather than for the support of their policies, personality, and beliefs. The onus of campaigning must be placed on the candidate and not on a for-profit organization. Deserved candidates must be held to a higher standard and must prove their ability to produce a passionate team of supporters and volunteers to disseminate their message as opposed to the ease of a monetary transaction. 

In-State Campaign Donations 

Jack ​Achenbach supports legislation that prohibits out-of-state campaign contributions for all elected officials, excluding presidential campaigns. Likewise, candidates shall be prohibited from collecting campaign contributions from residents outside of the district they are running in. Tribalism and social media have made it far too easy for candidates to receive donations from individuals who do not live in the district and who will not be directly impacted by the candidate in question.

Funding The Police
Jack Achenbach supports funding our police. There is a reason the United States has the best military in the world and that is because it is the most heavily funded military in the world. Better policing requires greater funding for training, safety equipment, and for investment into alternative nonlethal weaponry. Defunding the police has notably increased crime, rape, burglary, and homicides rates, especially in minority communities. The defunding and demoralizing of the police has led good cops and experienced cops to quit the force, thereby leaving behind crooked cops and new undertrained recruits. Jack Achenbach also supports increasing police force requirements including more extensive training and higher education in law enforcement, criminal law and constitutional law. Lastly, Jack Achenbach supports funding for health and psychological evaluations.

Police Accountability

In addition to funding the police, Jack Achenbach supports legislation that provides funding for, and mandates the use of, body cameras and drones when responding to police calls or making traffic stops. Body camera footage is essential to understanding the officer's first-person perspective during any interaction, and for investigating right from wrong. Drone's provide 360 degree video, which is essential for understanding the full extent of a scenario should misbehavior arise. Not only does adequate intel keep civilians safe from foul play, but it also ensures that police officers in the right can be shown as such. Furthermore, the failure of an officer to utilize these provided tools intended to create transparency in the justice system, will be removed from the field. 

Section 230 Reform
Jack Achenbach supports legislation to reform Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act(12). Specifically, Jack supports removing the phrase "or otherwise objectionable" from the text of 47 U.S. Code § 230 (c)(2)(A) to prevent social media corporations from silencing dissenting opinions. The internet has become a necessary public utility for the dissemination of information and commerce in American life(13). Thusly, the first amendment must be extended to the internet frontier to protect our freedom of speech and to reduce barriers to trade in the free market system.

Preventing Political Social Media Interference

Jack Achenbach supports legislation that prevents citizens of foreign nations from posting on the social media channels of elected U.S. government officials. U.S. citizens have the right to engage, question, and discuss politics with their elected officials. However, citizens of foreign nations can easily sway policy decisions through constant engagement with unsuspecting and unaware elected officials that are not their own. For the health of our nation's political discourse, and for the duty of elected official to accurately represent their constituents, Jack Achenbach supports working with social media companies to tackle this problem. Alternatively, to respect the freedom of speech, Jack Achenbach supports the implementation of an algorithm that allows elected officials to quickly sort comments by national origin. Regardless of the method of implementation, it is essential that elected officials hear the voices of American citizens first and foremost. Likewise, it is imperative that the voter, leading up to and during an election, is not unknowingly swayed or manipulated in any direction by citizens of foreign nations. Working with social media companies to create a system that allows users to quickly identify the national origin of user-generated information is necessary for the health of our nation's political discourse.

Federal Government Censorship Illegality

Jack Achenbach supports introducing legislation to make it a criminal act for any person or entity of the federal government to pursue actions that incentivizes, supports, or directly promotes the censorship of free speech on social media platforms(22). In no uncertain terms should the federal government be given the power, whether directly or indirectly, to become the arbiter of truth.

Economic Sanctions on China to End the Uyghur Genocide
Jack Achenbach supports economic sanctions on China to facilitate the end of the persecution and genocide of Uyghur Muslims and other religious groups in China. Jack Achenbach also supports sanctions on any country that acts in kind. History is repeating itself, and we must not allow it to.

Health Care Competition
Jack Achenbach supports legislation that reduces the barriers to competition in the healthcare industry. Healthy competition is essential for product innovation and decreasing prices. Medicare For All sounds nice, but affordable healthcare would render it obsolete! 

Social Security Investment
Jack Achenbach does not support universal basic income. However, he does support universal basic investment. Jack Achenbach proposes the creation of an IRA for each American at birth with an initial government investment of $1,000. Under the basic 'Rule of 72', investments double every 7 years. Therefore, an at-birth investment of $1,000 has the potential of increasing to $1.24 million by age 70. After which, participants are able to withdrawal the money for their retirement needs. 

School Choice

Jack Achenbach wants to assure that every child has the option to attend the best school within reach. Low-income communities should not be held hostage to failing schools. Likewise, any parent should have the ability to send their children to the school they believe to be the best option for their child.

Home School and Private School Deductions 
Jack Achenbach wants to offer tax deductions to families that either home school their children or who send their children to private schools. In other words, parents should not be required to pay taxes to fund public schools they do not use. This move will eliminate the penalty towards parents that choose alternative learning options. It will also promote competition and encourage public schools to improve their services in order to compete for tax dollars.

Public School Reform​
Recent data indicates that public school education is failing our children. In order for our children to succeed and compete in the global market, public school education must be reformed to encourage competent, intelligent, and self-sufficient young men and women. Jack Achenbach also supports instituting classes that provide for a heavier focus on financial activities, including the basics of economics, investing, and accounting. It is essential that children be prepared to make smart financial decisions moving forward through life. The divide between rich and poor is ever shrinking. Instilling upon our children the ability to make smart financial decisions arms them with the tools necessary to shrink the wealth gap. 

Term Limits
Jack Achenbach supports term limits for elected officials. U.S. Representatives shall be limited to four consecutive 2-year terms. After which, the Representative must step aside for one two-year-term prior to running again. U.S. Senators shall be limited to three six-year terms. After which, the Senator must step aside for one six-year-term prior to running again. Despite the resounding support, term limits are quite the nuanced conversation(15). Limiting terms may bring in fresh ideas and limit corruption, but they may also limit valuable experience and personal connections that get the job done(15). By enacting a limit on the number of consecutive terms, this provides the opportunity for new and unconnected candidates to represent their communities, while allowing experienced candidates to run again should those constituents feel a need for their expertise again. 

Barring Independent Federal Reserve Appointees From Attaining Federal Positions 

The Federal Reserve operates as an independent agency to direct monetary policy, regulate banking, and hedge against inflation. As such, it is imperative to maintain the distinction between the Federal Reserve's independent operations, and potential government influence. Therefore, Jack Achenbach supports legislation to bar Federal Reserve officials from being appointed to federal positions within the United States Treasury and Presidential cabinet. While valued and experienced, the appointment of members from a purposefully independent agency to a federally held position blurs the lines independent policy making and federally influenced policy making through personal connections with the former employer. 

Mental Health

Jack Achenbach supports improving access and the resource provided to mental health programs to aid in the funding and disseminating of early identification and intervention services for those at risk, integrated services for those who need them, and recovery programs. Moreover, the need for mental health programs has exponentially increased as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, especially amongst youth and young adults(14). Sadly, 60% of youth with depression do not receive mental health treatment(14).  Additionally, According to Mental Health America, 24% of adults with a mental illness report an unmet need of treatment with 15% of adults report having suicidal ideations(14).

Domestic Microchip Manufacturing

Jack Achenbach supports legislation to bolster U.S. microchip manufacturing. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, supply chain shortages of computer chips continue to foster economic stagnation. Coupled with rising foreign threats to Taiwan, the world's leader in microchip production, it is imperative that the U.S. secure the infrastructure necessary for a sustainable production of these vital resources. To put this into context for the younger demographic, the current shortage of video game consoles is directly related to the shortage of microchips. In addition to creating domestic manufacturing jobs, increasing our gross domestic product is essential for tackling our rising deficit.

Background Check For Firearm Sales

Jack Achenbach supports expanding the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act of 1993 to cover firearm sales from non-federal firearm licensees (23). The expansion will require background checks, via the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), for private firearm sales to individuals above a state’s legal age to purchase a firearm (24). Likewise, a background check will be required for individuals borrowing a firearm from a legal gun owner. Background checks will not be required for individuals under the age of eighteen who are utilizing a borrowed firearm for recreational purposes with adult supervision (for example, hunting, target practice, sporting, etc.). This bill would also make accommodations to the NICS system to allow for immediate and 24/7 background checks, from either a home computer or telephone, thereby preventing any unnecessary impedance in the sale or borrowing process. Nothing in this bill will go into effect until accommodations to the NICS system are made.

In no way should the above position be misconstrued.  Jack Achenbach opposes any legislation that will create a national firearm registry, a national gun owner registry, or any system that identifies a gun owner with their legally purchased firearm. Likewise, Jack Achenbach opposes any legislation that would eliminate the requirement that the FBI destroy the records of approved NICS checks within 24 hours. 

Further, this policy would provide funding to research and evaluate the effect of the policy change on the prevention and reduction of gun violence. As such, this policy would expire in five-years, allowing for the necessary debate over its impact and need for reinstitution.

Funding For Community Violence Prevention Strategies 

Jack Achenbach supports providing funding for community violence prevention programs to connect people with social, wellness, and economic services to reduce the likelihood of violence in communities. According to the Gifford Law Center, community violence intervention strategies were shown to reduce crime by 60% by addressing specific problems within different communities that lead individuals to commit criminal acts (25). Intervention strategies should be focused on reducing idle hands to prevent bad deeds. These include providing and expanding employment services, providing Summer jobs for young people and enhancing Summer education and enrichment programs, and supporting programs that provide training and work experience for formerly incarcerated persons to reduce recidivism. Specifically, Summer job and Summer education programs have been shown to reduce young people's involvement with crime by 35-45% (26). Alleviating our bloated prison system begins by implementing preventative strategies that provide communities with the tools necessary to keep their children on the straight and narrow and to aid those who have done their time by providing them with the opportunity to become a valued and productive member of society.

Enforce the Second Amendment

Jack Achenbach supports legislation that is aimed at enforcing the Second Amendment, such as abolishing unconstitutional gun restrictions that negatively implicate legal gun owners across the United States. The U.S. Constitution prohibits the government from infringing upon our unalienable right to self-defense and no law-abiding citizen should be threatened for exercising their rights. A woman walking the streets at night has the right to protect herself from danger(8). An inner-city father has the right to defend his family from intruders(8). Research repeatedly shows that the private ownership of firearms reduces crime and protects law-abiding American(8). For instance, in 1967 the Orlando police department trained 2,500 women in the use of handguns. As a result, there was a substantial decrease in burglary, and instances of rape decreased by 89% while remaining constant in the rest of Florida and the U.S.(8). In a study from 2013, data indicated that firearms are used defensively 2.5 million times per year for self-preservation(9). Likewise, 400,000 life-threatening violent crimes are prevented using firearms each year(9). In fact, 60% of convicted felons admitted that they avoided committing crimes when they knew a victim was armed, and 40% admitted avoiding committing crimes when they assumed the victim was armed(9). Most of the time the gun is never fired and no blood is shed, further indicating that firearms are a beneficial self-defense and crime deterrent tool(9).


In fact, societal views of gun ownership have shifted over the last several years. According to a report from Business Insider, the number of new gun owners soared by 40% in 2020; most of which identified as non-whites, females, and millennials(10). The largest demographic of new gun owners in 2020 were non-white Americans(10). In fact, even the far-left Marxist sympathizers agree with the right to bear arms as a means to balance the power of the ruling class with that of the proletariat(11). According to Marx, "Under no pretext should arms and ammunition be surrendered; any attempt to disarm the workers must be frustrated, by force if necessary"(11). Regardless, the Second Amendment allows good natured individuals to defend themselves against those who wish to do harm unto others.


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