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I've lived across the country in some of the most extraordinary places. Places like Providence, where the bitter cold was overcome by the pleasantries of the country's smallest state. To Carmel, where the western coast line teems with oceanic wildlife. Maine followed next, where the lobster is good. Up to the atmosphere of Denver where the air is thin. Over to the windy city of downtown Chicago and then headed down to Wichita. To the big sky of Bozeman and into the beauty of Sheridan. Back home to the city of Philadelphia and then finally coming to rest in the city that I've come to love, Orlando. From coast to coast I've seen more than most and I've met so many incredibly wonderful people along the way. The overall takeaway from my travels is in realizing that no matter who you come to meet, whether it be professional athletes, ranchers, hipsters, seniors, or those struggling to get by, we're all after a common goal; to live the good life, to prosper, and to find satisfaction.

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Jack's Platform

What Are We Fighting For?

Political campaign

Ending The War On Drugs
Jack Achenbach supports ending the war on drugs. Addiction is a serious issue, but not one that should end with incarceration. Rather rehabilitation for non-violent offenders should be the goal for those unfortunate to have lost control. Jack Achenbach supports legalizing recreational drugs with a few caveats. Recreational drugs must be regulated, held to strict safety standards, sold from a licensed retailer, and produced by regulated manufacturers. Furthermore, retailers must be required to offer 'weaning' services for individuals who wish to discontinue drug use. Additionally, a marginal percentage of a retailer and manufacturers revenue must go towards funding rehabilitation services and research and development into addiction based interventions. Additionally, public intoxication and driving under the influence will not be tolerated. Lastly, the sale of drugs will be prohibited to persons under the age of 21, as this is indicated to be the final stages of brain development.

Student Loan Reform

Jack Achenbach supports cutting student loan interest rates to assist college students in repaying their student loans. He also supports lowering the student loan cap to prevent colleges from arbitrarily increasing the price of tuition in an attempt to take advantage of the student loan system. Additionally, colleges and universities that receive federal student loan aid will be prevented from spending it on items not directly related to the students educational needs. Jack Achenbach supports the construction of an oversight investigation team within FAFSA to annually investigate that schools are properly using federal student aid and are not charging students for unnecessary items not conducive to education. 

Student Loan Interest Reallocation 

In addition to Jack's student loan reform plan, Jack proposes to reallocate prior interest payments to pay down a graduates student loan principal. Essentially, students would not be receiving a reimbursement, but rather the money that was already spent paying down predatory interest rates would be deducted from the principal instead. In this manner, the taxpayer is not held responsible for debt that is not their own, while graduates burdened by massive student loans can see their debt significantly improved. This would have to occur in conjunction with lowering interest rates, or moving the interest rates, lest the problem be allowed to continue.

Covid-19 Relief 

American's that were left out of the job as a result of government intervention during the Covid-19 pandemic were never properly compensated for their sacrifice. Despite the gracious stimulus checks and state and federal unemployment benefits, these benefits did not rectify the financial impact for American's that annually made above the amount provided on unemployment. Jack Achenbach fully supports compensating American's that were forced out of their jobs from the actions taken by their government. American's that lost their jobs specifically due to Covid-19 restrictions should be compensated the remainder of their annual income minus previous relief benefits. 

Opportunity Zones

Jack Achenbach supports creating opportunity zones by lowering corporate taxes in low income communities thereby bringing in higher paying jobs and corporations that will revitalize struggling neighborhoods.

Prohibiting Rider Legislation 
Jack Achenbach supports prohibiting rider legislation. To often does Congress slip in random and incompatible items into a piece of legislation in hopes of it getting passed. Congress should be held to voting on single item, or like-item, issues. Rider legislation impedes the passing of necessary legislation, such as was the case with COVID relief.

Layman's Laws
Jack Achenbach supports limiting the page-length of pieces of legislation. Americans are aware that Congress does not read bills that span hundreds of pages, and regular Americans certainly do not either! Therefore, Jack Achenbach supports putting a cap on bill and legislation length. Additionally, Jack Achenbach supports the accompaniment of a Layman Copy that clearly summarizes and clarifies the main points of a bill or piece of legislation. These moves will allow the average American to better understand and comprehend the laws under which they live.

Recycling Program Deductions

Jack Achenbach supports providing tax deductions to companies and rental apartment buildings that institute recycling programs. Deductions could incentivize increased cooperation and help companies offset the cost of initiating and maintaining the primary step in the recycling process. Deductions could be issued as a flat rate and titrate dependent upon a company's annual tonnage. 

Investment into Nuclear Energy ​
Jack Achenbach supports investment into nuclear energy as an intermediary energy source. Contemporary nuclear energy is a safe renewable energy investment while scientists work to develop the currently unobtained technology, such as advanced battery capacity, necessary to fully commit to wind and solar energy sources. To often is nuclear energy vilified due to two past events from decades ago. Yet with hundreds of nuclear powerplants and submarines in operation around the globe, it is clear that these events were outliers from an age of nuclear infancy.

Voting Integrity

Jack Achenbach supports removing candidates' party affiliation from the ballot, thereby encouraging voters to research politicians before mindlessly voting Democrat or Republican. Casting a vote should be done with the voter's full understanding of who and what policies they are voting for. Our elections must have integrity and it starts with all of us.​

Reducing Voting Barriers

Jack supports the elimination of costs associated with obtaining the vital documentation necessary for voting. This includes the cost associated with obtaining replacement birth certificates, the fundamental document for obtaining other forms of ID. Additionally, all states should have the option to allow voters to vote using a birth certificate, social security number, and two forms to prove residency (after all, all four items are required to obtain a valid state ID). Additionally, if an individual wishes to obtain a State ID (in which you can use to vote), the cost should be waived, but the state may still charge a fee for vehicle licenses and other forms of ID. However, if an ID is used to vote, it should be required to have a photo to clear it of potential theft. Additionally, we should allocate resources to open additional DMV sites in areas where current locations may be out of reach. Not only would this satisfy the second argument, but would hopefully help to eliminate those horrendous DMV wait times all of us have experienced. 

Voting Security: Post-Voting Confirmation
Jack supports a post-voting confirmation system to ensure ballots are cast by the legitimate voter and to ensure that votes have been counted. A confirmation letter shall be mailed to each voter's registered residency to indicate the place of residency was used to vote. The confirmation of vote would alert individuals had they not voted and would provide instructions on how to report the error. Additionally the confirmation of vote would provide instructions to download a ‘voting receipt’ to ensure their vote was counted and recorded accurately. In order to download, voters would provide their proof of identification and residency into a secure database. 

Funding The Police
Jack Achenbach supports funding our police. There is a reason the United States has the best military in the world and that is because it is the most heavily funded military in the world. Better policing requires greater funding for training, safety equipment, and for investment into alternative nonlethal weaponry. Defunding the police has notably increased crime, rape, burglary, and homicides rates, especially in minority communities. The defunding and demoralizing of the police has led good cops and experienced cops to quit the force, thereby leaving behind crooked cops and new undertrained recruits. Jack Achenbach also supports increasing police force requirements including more extensive training and higher education in law enforcement, criminal law and constitutional law. Lastly, Jack Achenbach supports funding for health and psychological evaluations.

Section 230 Reform
Jack Achenbach supports legislation to reform Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. The internet has become a public utility and necessity for American life. As such, the United States Constitution must be extended to it. 

Economic Sanctions on China to End the Uyghur Genocide
Jack Achenbach supports economic sanctions on China to facilitate the end of the persecution and genocide of Uyghur Muslims and other religious groups in China. Jack Achenbach also supports sanctions on any country that acts in kind. History is repeating itself, and we must not allow it to.

Health Care Competition
Jack Achenbach supports legislation that reduces the barriers to competition in the healthcare industry. Healthy competition is essential for product innovation and decreasing prices. Medicare For All sounds nice, but affordable healthcare would render it obsolete! 

Social Security Investment​
Jack Achenbach does not support universal basic income. However, he does support universal basic investment. Jack Achenbach proposes the creation of an IRA for each American at birth with an initial government investment of $1,000. Under the basic 'Rule of 72', investments double every 7 years. Therefore, an at-birth investment of $1,000 has the potential of increasing to $1.24 million by age 70. After which, participants are able to withdrawal the money for their retirement needs. 

School Choice

Jack Achenbach wants to assure that every child has the option to attend the best school within reach. Low income communities should not be held hostage to failing schools. Likewise, any parent should have the ability to send their children to the school they believe to be the best option for their child.

Home School and Private School Deductions 
Jack Achenbach wants to offer tax deductions to families that either home school their children or who send their children to private schools. In other words, parents should not be required to pay taxes to fund public schools they do not use. This move will eliminate the penalty towards parents that choose alternative learning options. It will also promote competition and encourage public schools to improve their services in order to compete for tax dollars.

Public School Reform​
Recent data indicates that public school education is failing our children. In order for our children to succeed and compete in the global market, public school education must be reformed to encourage competent, intelligent, and self-sufficient young men and women. Furthermore, Jack Achenbach supports the banning of illegitimate and divisive concepts, such as Critical Racism, from the classroom.

Skilled Worker Selection Factors 
Jack Achenbach recognizes the economic and innovative benefit that immigration provides to the United States. Therefore, he supports an immigration system that benefits both the country, its citizens, and its incoming immigrants. Jack Achenbach supports a successful immigration system, likened to that of Canada, which matches an employer with a skilled worker prior to immigration. Such a system would thereby bring in an immigrant that will provide a net benefit to the country while the hiring company aids in providing a job, destination, safe travel, and relocation assistance to the immigrant and their family.

Term Limits
Jack Achenbach supports term limits for elected officials. Lawmakers once saw a need to set term limits for the presidency and it is time to set term limits for the rest. 

Enforce the Second Amendment

Jack Achenbach supports legislation that is aimed at enforcing the Second Amendment. The U.S. Constitution prohibits the government from infringing on the peoples right to keep and bear arms. A woman walking the streets at night has the right to protect herself from danger. An inner city father has the right to defend his family from intruders. The Second Amendment allows the good to defend against the bad, and no person should be made defenseless against the evils of man.